What is a good use of Horse Racing Handicapping, or a reasonable return?

Many people ask: "How much money can the betting horse racing?" Although many people are struggling to profit from horse racing handicapping and betting horse racing, few people have a realistic idea of ​​what to expect, and how much profit will actually be available. Horse players often talk about ROI, or return on investment (ROI). Simply put, it is above the percentage return on the initial investment. So if you spend $ 100 win bet and get back $ 125 a ROI of 25%.

So how do you know what a good return, and what to expect? First, if we compare the investment, you have to look at competing investments and should also take into account the degree of risk and work. Handicapping horse races is time consuming and therefore you have to pay yourself the time you spend handicapping. You can pay a professional like me to do some handicapping, which means you & # 39; ll need to spend less of their time, but in the end, you & # 39; You ll still need to spend some time researching and putting some thoughts on how you bet.

If you buy stocks or any other investment, you'll need to do some research. Maybe an agent who proposes or a financial planner or analyst, but in the end, like the people who pay to have them handicap races, the final decision remains the investor. Many stock market investors are now about 10% of the corresponding yield of the portfolio.

How much can be done with horses varies from week to week, but the annual average could be better than the stock back, but also more risky. When the horse handicappers, even the pros of ups and downs, and you have to look for the long haul to get an accurate idea of ​​what is reasonable. For example, this weekend June 11th (I'm working on a three-day weekend Blocks newsletter and send the data to the individual three-day block) my key horse profit of over 80% ROI. This is very high, but the next week was a profit through the same type of reception.

Last weekend, June 25 2010 June 27, 2010, top picks made from a flat bet profit of win bets thoroughbred bettors 22% ROI, while punters my top picks who played a half-mile harness racing and 5/8 & # 39; s mile tracks ROI was 11%. There are no guarantees horse racing bets, and it would be audacious to guarantee a profit or trying to predict how much profit is expected because of the volatility of the market.

Overall, however, it is safe to say that at times horse racing bettors can see a higher rate of return than the punters in other markets, but they pay for this opportunity is a much greater risk.

Source by Bill Peterson

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