Van Der Wheil method

6 Step Van Der Wheil – VDW method in a nutshell

Che Van Der Wheil developed this method to narrow the field of horse racing horses. Van Der Wheil – VDW method, the following key indicators, class, consistency (the last three finishing position the horse in question), and the ability to measure the speed of a horse numbers & # 39; s chances of winning. He claimed to be a horse for the first six in the betting forecast, the horse & # 39; s weight was the most important factor in the horse & # 39; and a chance of leveling weight.

The key to the Van Der Wheil methods of the class competition (Penalty Value) that the horse had raced. He used the analogy of premiership football team won every game in the conference championship. The form of the team is good, but what if a lower-class football match made in form.

Here are six simple steps on how to read the racing form Van Der Wheil Review – The 6 Steps VDW method.

The key to the VDW method is to select the class / form horses in the race based on the following criteria and place these horses in groups G + B + C + S + and A +.

Step 1. Visit 3 OR – Official rated horses Group B +
Step 2 in total winnings for the last three races of a horse race in Group G to produce +
Step 3. Pick a consistent horse races added together for the last three positions reached produces a horse in Group C +
Step 4: Identify the top three horses Top speed figures (TS) + S Group produces the Racing Post. Identification of
Step 5 horses can win in terms of ability to equal prize money divided by the number of tournaments won. + The group

Next, locate the horse (s) that appears in each group G + B + C + S + and A +.

In step 6, we will make a final check of the election, that is, check the horse selected top 6 betting forecast, 80% of horses victory, which a list of the top 6 horses

is complete with every step, customer highlighted this step. The last step is to find the horse or horses, all the steps are marked from 1 to 6

The horse had to be qualified to both the 6 steps above.

is easy to write a computer program that automates the Van Der Wheil method – VDW and highlights horse for a given species in the UK.

Source by Mark Horrocks

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