Repair of Finding horses When Horse Racing Handicapping

One of the best ways to find a value bet horse racing handicapping is to find the horse improves, but the crowd's attention. The form cycle often spoke and wrote, and many are looking for improvement in the horse & # 39; and running lines. But there is something you do not often see, if you are looking a good bet.

talking about the comments of the horse, which is usually the end of each racing line. These comments often tell a story that just will not get from reading a number of steps, position, and a quarter times. If you are looking for a good horse racing bets, what do you want the horse to the well-meant that the connection you want to try and win the horse, and one has to try to win.

horses will try harder if they are fit and feeling good, mid-season form, if you will. The numbers do not always show that. You may read that a horse was the fourth of the 10 lengths, but the note says, "made it to the traffic." Although 10-piece finished fourth behind the leader is not impressive, the horse went through some effort not putting forth traffic.

What I look for in a horse & # 39; Comment lines and the one who shows to keep trying harder or putting forth a game effort, if tournaments. If a horse coming off a layoff and the second or third race back, look at the note lines. The first race is often a breeze equipment, but the second line may show some interest in horse riding to bring forward or put forth some effort at the end of the race. If I see three lines remark positive comments, then you will see a drop in class, no matter what the horse can be placed in the last race, I'll give some careful consideration.

The point is to find the value. If a horse & # 39; s-speed data look spectacular, and missed the victory in the last race, you will not find a good value for the win pool, but when the horse is working your way up to win and with some effort, you can still go down a good chance, if the crowd did not get it. This is when you read the comments and pay for putting 2 and 2 together by a value bet when handicapping horse races.

Source by Bill Peterson

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