Horse racing handicapping factors – wind and how it affects Horseracing

Because the horse race run in the open air, the natural elements play an important role in horse racing results. One factor that is often overlooked by the wind. Horses big and strong, so many people want to know something like wind pressure can affect their performance.

I will refer to answer that question, it is an old saying in public that the transport of horses. "It's pretty serious stops and elephant." When you consider the fact that the species is sometimes defined minimum, a nose or a fraction of a second, then anything that will slow the runner down, even a little, it is very important.

The harness racing, trotter and the Pacers to cover (follow closely behind another horse) is an easier way, and saves energy and thus able to run faster in the later stages of the tournament. Savvy handicappers will note that the horses raced without cover, and receive them if they think that will cover your next trip. But even thoroughbreds get along better if they get a break, another horse to come along behind until the final stage of the competition.

The horse is a large animal, and so presents enough space to meet a significant drag. I recently visited a harness track, where the wind blows up the backstretch about 30 m.p.h .. The horses ran into the wind, as they rounded the turn and second fractions of the race, the second quarter has been slower. When they turned into the second round, the wind was in their back and accelerated again. It was obvious that the wind is changing the nature and pace of the race.

The means should be used to the disadvantage has to be aware that the wind effect should be the ace of the local wind field, and knowing when blowing. If you know when to call off the backstretch slows edge, record and use a horse race handicapping. There are days when the wind is blowing very hard and they do have an impact on the outcome of the competition and this is one more way you can beat the crowd to the windows so that the portion of the cash to the winners.

Source by Bill Peterson

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